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The place where luxury and warmth meet in perfect harmony. Explore our exquisite collection of gas fireplace inserts, designed to elevate your home with unparalleled elegance and cozy ambiance, making every moment truly unforgettable.

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Fireplace Xtrordinair 34 DVL

This 34 DVL gas insert is a traditional 2,000 square foot heater. Built with ample ceramic glass viewing area and featuring the award winning Ember-Fyre gas log burner, it competes with any other gas insert on the market today in this size range.

Lopi 616 Deluxe Gas Insert

Designed for larger homes the 616 gas insert by Lopi sets a standard for sleek design and a beauty unmatched in fireplace inserts. 616 square inches of ceramic glass extends all the way down to the hearth. The 616 has a phenomenal flame appearance and comes standard with Ember-Glow bed lighting and birch or Oak log sets. A 180 CFM convection fan, top accent lighting and a remote control complete the fireplace.

Lopi 430 Gas Insert

Our most popular and most beautiful gas fireplace insert, the Lopi 430 can heat up to 1,500 square feet of space. Like the 616 the 430 has the same feature set but is designed for smaller homes. The 430 also has a 180 CFM convection fan which runs with a Green Smart remote control.

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