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The place where luxury and warmth meet in perfect harmony. Explore our exquisite collection of gas freestanding stoves, designed to elevate your home with unparalleled elegance and cozy ambiance, making every moment truly unforgettable.


Lopi Berkshire Radiant MV

A Standing Pilot Millivolt Cast Iron Gas Stove, the Lopi Berkshire Radian MV is certain to deliver optimum warmth throughout your home. The Berkshire MV provides more heat for less money. Imagine the warmth of sitting in front of a campfire and the clean burn of gas. this unit will continue to operate even during power outages and the Dancing-Fyre or classic log sets are as realistic as it gets.

Lopi Northfield Gas Stove

With the Northfield Radiant MV Cast iron stove you get more heat for less money. This makes the Northfield both beautiful and economical at the same time. With a 130CFM fan this unit is perfect for any room in the house. Standard controls on the unit make it easy to operate, or for further convenience you can add a remote control with On/Off and Thermostat functions

Lopi Greenfield Gas Stove

Combining European castings with Lopi’s world renowned burn technology, performance and solid construction, the Lopi Rockport is one of our most popular wood stoves. The Rockport can heat up to 2,000 square feet of space and for up to 10 hours, making overnight burns a breeze. Premium materials are used in this stove including cast iron, steel, real masonry brick and crystal clear ceramic glass.

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